Teo has always wanted to turn his life upside down. Tired of everyday work as a laborer at the airport, spent hours after work watching his favorite TV series about aliens or played caps with his mates. On weekends Teo, along with his caps buddies, traveled the country and explored the deserted spaces, examined the ruins of castles, ghost towns, post-war bunkers and other forgotten and neglected spots. The feeling of euphoria mixed with anxiety, sometimes even terror, in many cases fear gave them a false alarm, it would rather be a result of some meaningless sounds that turned out to come from birds or some homeless wandering cats.
One spring afternoon, Teo along with the brave crew set off to explore the old bunker. Air humidity reached 90 %, not to mention the bugs crawling all over the place. One of the rooms looked like the remnants of a secret abandoned experimental center. Excitement mingled with curiosity when Teo noted an old metal chest in the corner. Using the crowbar found on the site opening it was a piece of cake. Inside the wooden box there was a mysterious colorful cube made ​​of some plastic-like mass, on one of the walls there was a red button,  “What the hell is that?” he thought.
Teo had enough patience for five days, sixteen hours and forty-seven minutes. After countless internal battles Teo finally pressed the red button and as he wanted so he did, he turned his life upside down…

Enter Teo’s (un)usual room where everything has turned upside down. Discover its mystery and test your reverse perception and problem solving skills. Will you manage to get out?




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