Rebeka, a Medical University student, during her trip to China while searching for souvenirs around a Shanghai street market she stumbles across a hooded man. After returning to the hotel, it turns out that her arm has been bleeding. After dressing the wound she forgets about the incident.

2 days later Rebeka returns to Poland. The wound starts to change worryingly. After a few days it looks even worse, Rebeka feels terrible, she goes through hallucinations and must proceed to the hospital. Watching the news she finds out about the epidemic of a dangerous virus is spreading across Chinese cities. It is referred to by scientists as the D12 virus. Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Tianjin struggle with the plague of unidentified cases. The World Health Organization raises the alarm…

After several days spent in the hospital, Rebeka feels much worse nothing really seems to help. On one hand she feels the unrelenting forces awaking inside but on the other hand she loses contact with reality. Her eyes and ears start bleeding. The next day, Rebeka does not recognize her reflection in the mirror, she detaches from the hospital equipment and attempts to escape the hospital in panic. Just before leaving she is caught by the guards, and then transferred to the compulsory quarantine…

D12 Virus

Extreme cases reported in Shanghai, most disturbing ones immediately quarantined. Patients resemble monkeys, pigs and wolves. Other cases of transformation has not yet been reported. Initial symptoms include: high body temperature up to 40 degrees, sensory dysfunction, apparent changes in appearance, face modifications – a decrease in the eyes, swollen ears, deformed limbs, increased energy and strength. The estimated incubation period might last between 4 and 8 days.

It has been shown that infection occurs through direct contact with blood or body fluids of patients, as well as through direct contact with objects contaminated by their blood and other body fluids.

Ixion Corporation

Ixion – Chinese pharmaceutical corporation responsible for creation and distribution of the D12 virus. It is managed by a man named Han Ming who along with his trusted crew started a bloody project which threatens the world security. The Corporation has developed and monopolized the recipe and production of A12 antidote – the only cure for the virus. While offering exorbitant prices and limited number of doses – A12 has become more precious than gold. Chinese cities are struck by fear and panic. Those leaving China unknowingly transmit it to other parts of the globe.

Will you dare to enter the “empty” space in a large hall where the extreme cases had been quarantined? You have 59 minutes to examine the place. When the door gets locked there will be no turning back …

Whatever happens stay close together and do not panic!






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