That night everything was white, the blinding light suddenly woke me up, I did not realize what was time it was, I really didn’t even know where I was, it seemed like a dream was over, but my surroundings did not look like my room … After a while I felt like I was in the meadow, chirping birds, a moment later I felt the smell of grease and sound like some working machines on the assembly line. Above me there were some black and white butterflies flying, I guess they were butterflies , I tried to get up, when I heard the alarm sound ringing … I turned around and the big clock disappeared from the wall. “That strange feeling is over” I thought, but with every step that I tried to take the reality around me was changing – the distorted sounds,
unintelligible images, smells I didn’t know before, in the distance the disfigured human-like faces. Then I heard the music, Somehow I knew this song but hell I could not recognize it then, I tried to pinch my cheek but my hands refused to obey me. After a while, I though my movements were controlled by an unknown force, drifting into a state of mental weightlessness. After a while in front of me, there was as if a red spiral, swirling very bright, magenta light, it was warm. I didn’t even have to control my legs, they led me toward the light …
I woke up sweating in my bed, it was surely more than just a dream…

Welcome to Agatha’s dream – weird, illusive and with no color. Find your way to the exit. Test your perceptiveness and teamwork skills. Start noticing things which only seem invisible. Will you manage to get out?




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